Marriage is a unique union that benefits society, especially children. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court’s ruling to redefine marriage threatens freedom.

The union between one man and one woman – marriage – is timeless, universal and special.

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Marriage naturally builds family, mom, dad, and children, and gives hope that the next generations will carry on into the future. The lifelong, faithful union of a man and woman is the foundation of every healthy, stable society.

Marriage benefits society, especially children, in a way that no other relationship can.

Faithful-unionThroughout history, diverse cultures and faiths have upheld marriage as the ideal. Marriage expresses the truth that men and women bring distinct, irreplaceable gifts to family life. Marriage honors diversity like no other relationship can.

Every child has a mother and a father, and every child needs a mom and a dad. Many men make good dads but no man can ever be a mom. Many women make good moms, but no woman can ever be a dad. Marriage must not be only about the desires of adults, but the needs of children.

Obergefell threathens freedom.

Religious-freedom-threatenedSadly, the Obergefell decision didn’t just redefine marriage. It actively threatens free speech and freedom of religion in our nation. Just ask Baronelle Stutzman, Elaine Huguenin, and Jack Phillips.

Even in Nebraska, charities are at risk of discrimination because those in power don’t like what they believe about marriage. Nebraska Family Alliance will continue to support policies that protect religious freedom to make it possible for people of differing beliefs to live and work together with mutual respect.

So, during your next water-cooler-conversation at work, if the topic of marriage or the Obergefell anniversary is raised, see it as an opportunity to shape the conversation.

Every child needs a mom and a dad. The marriage ruling threatens religious freedom and that affects everyone’s freedoms. Let’s work together to make it possible for people of differing beliefs to live and work together with mutual respect.

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