As awareness of human trafficking increases, so do the number of creative ways people are fighting it. Here are 3 examples.

1. Truckers Against Trafficking

It’s commonly known that interstates such as I80 serve as a corridor of human trafficking, as girls are moved from place to place. Truckers are the “eyes and ears of our highways,” and can play a unique role in fighting trafficking.

Truckers Against Trafficking train members of the trucking community to recognize the signs of trafficking and contact the national hotline number, 1-888-3737-888 and report suspicious activities.

Watch the full Truckers Against Trafficking Training Video from iEmpathize on Vimeo.

2. TraffickCam App

Although the TraffickCam app isn’t a perfect solution, it provides a practical way that people can help law enforcement track down traffickers.

Here’s how it works. People snap pictures of their hotel rooms when they’re travelling and upload them to the app. Law enforcement can then compare the uploads to photos used to advertise victims. Similarities could provide clues to a victim’s location.

As Chris Newlin, Executive Director of the National Children’s Advocacy Center stated, “If it helps one kid, one individual, then it was absolutely worth the effort.”

3. Training Flight Attendants to Recognize the Signs of Trafficking

Sheila had received training on the signs of trafficking as an air stewardess. When Sheila noticed a well-dressed man accompanied by a young girl who wouldn’t make eye contact and was not allowed to speak, she knew something was wrong.

Her quick thinking led to the apprehension of a trafficker and saved a young girl from further abuse.

The fight against trafficking continues in unlikely ways and we all have a role to play. Know the signs, know the hotline number (1-888-3737-888), and don’t be afraid to speak up.

Hallie Hamilton

Hallie Hamilton

Hallie is the Communication Director of Nebraska Family Alliance. She likes her coffee black, her bike-rides long, and her books epic.