Today the Attorney General of Nebraska launched its participation in the Demand An End campaign. According to their website,

“Demand An End is a public awareness campaign that addresses child sex trafficking. The campaign focuses on the supply and demand model of trafficking by targeting those who purchase sex with minors.”

A PSA style video features several men in animal masks. One rides in a taxi; another waits for an elevator. Although they wear masks, their faces are visible when reflected by a surface such as a mirror. The video ends with an adult man entering a hotel room where a young girl sits on a bed. “You’re not anonymous. Domestic minor sex trafficking customers are being unmasked,” the video warns.

Sex-trafficking is driven by market forces. Like any business, legal or illegal, the demand drives the supply.

Demand An End seeks to end the demand for the sex-trafficking of minors by warning would-be-purchasers that they’re not anonymous. Across the nation, states and lawmakers are strengthening laws and policies to target sex-trafficking.

In 2017, Nebraska passed LB 289, which significantly and appropriately increased penalties for sex-trafficking. This type of legislation empowers law enforcement to go after the issue of human trafficking by motivating them to spend resources and pursue criminals engaged in trafficking and deters traffickers from coming to Nebraska.

This campaign builds on current momentum to bring awareness to this tragic issue. Trafficking is a horrific crime, and it happens everywhere, even Nebraska.

How You Can Participate

If you or your organization would like to become a campaign partner, please contact Suzanne Gage at (402) 471-2656 or

Hallie Hamilton

Hallie Hamilton

Hallie is the former Communication Director of Nebraska Family Alliance. She likes her coffee black, her bike-rides long, and her books epic.