A well-funded petition drive seeking to enshrine a right to abortion in our state constitution is currently being circulated in Nebraska.

Abortion advocacy groups are using misleading language to collect the necessary signatures to place a constitutional amendment before voters in the 2024 General Election that would legalize abortion up until birth.

This is the biggest threat to the lives of preborn babies that our state has ever seen. Abortion has been on the ballot in seven states since Roe v. Wade was overturned, and the pro-life side has lost each time.

Nebraska must be the state to turn the tide.

Earlier this month, we hosted an enlightening panel discussion with NFA’s Executive Director Karen Bowling, Policy Director Nate Grasz, and David Mahan from the Center for Christian Virtue in Ohio to educate Nebraskans about this ballot initiative and what’s at stake.

Being engaged starts with being informed. Watch this video to learn:

    • What the ballot initiative says and what it really means
    • What happened in Ohio, where a similar initiative was approved by voters last year
    • What churches and people of faith must know and do

We cannot be successful in defeating this initiative without your support and without people of faith leading the way.

Please share this video with your friends, pastor, church, and network. The fight for life is here, and the Church must rise up to defend truth and the lives of baby boys and girls in our state. 

Download our fact sheet, view more resources, and learn more here.


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