5. Dismemberment Abortion is a Bioethical Violation.

width="300"A chiropractic physician by trade, Senator Ben Hansen holds a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. Senator Hansen used his unique perspective to speak about the bioethical issues of dismemberment abortion. This barbaric form of abortion—inflicted on living human beings—damages the integrity of the medical profession.

“Every embryological textbook used today recognizes that the human organism—that begins from fertilization—is a living member of the human species. It’s a member of the species Homo sapiens. If you comprehend the essential categories of biology and the principles of equality and justice under the law, then you should be able to understand and agree that tearing a fetus apart in the womb is a gruesome act.” – Senator Ben Hansen, District 16

4. Legal Precedent Supports LB 814.

Next, Senator Mike Hilgers spoke about the constitutionality of LB 814. Senator Hilgers studied law at the University of Chicago Law School and is a founding partner at Hilgers Graben PLLC. He explained that since abortion is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution, courts use legal frameworks such as previous judicial decisions and legal standards to determine whether abortion-related laws should be upheld.

“Does this particular bill create a substantial obstacle? If you look at the record here, I think it’s very clear that this is not a substantial obstacle to abortion. It’s hard-pressed for me to conclude that banning a procedure that accounts for fewer than 20% of abortions done in the second trimester would create a substantial obstacle to abortion. I believe the facts are clear and uncontroverted. This is a procedure that does not make up a plurality or a majority of abortions in Nebraska. We have the ability to do this under the Constitution. There is no provision in our constitution—state or federal—that says something like this is unconstitutional.” – Senator Hilgers, District 21

3. Innocent, Human Life Deserves Dignity.

Senator Dave Murman is a Christian farmer from Central Nebraska. He raised three children with his wife and now has four grandchildren. Senator Murman recognizes that every person has intrinsic value and should receive dignity and respect from conception to natural death. How we treat the most vulnerable members among us directly reflects the state of our society.

“This bill would only prohibit one form of abortion. We need to protect society from the degrading effects of abortion and of disregarding innocent, unborn children’s lives. It is important that we take the time to discuss the sanctity of human life. Protecting innocent life should always be our top priority. Dismemberment abortions are performed on living, unborn children. I believe that all forms of abortion horrific and harrowing, but dismemberment abortions are particularly appalling and monstrous.” – Senator Murman, District 38

2. The Preborn Baby Unquestionably Feels Pain In The Womb.

Before joining the Nebraska Legislature, Senator John Arch served as the Executive Vice President of Healthcare and Director for the Boys Town National Research Hospital. Senator Arch explained to his colleagues that an unborn child’s pain capability is a compelling reason to end dismemberment abortion. He read excerpts from multiple medical journals and literature reviews into the record to support his position. His research overwhelmingly indicates that preborn children develop pain receptors at an early gestational age.

“In the womb, does the baby feel pain? I believe so. I strongly support LB 814. From the evidence and literature reviews that I’ve looked at, the scientists agree that the baby does feel pain. It’s time to get LB 814 passed.” – Senator Arch, District 14

1. There Should Be No Word to Describe Abortion.

Senator Tom Brewer spoke towards the conclusion of the debate, and his heartfelt words moved me to tears. Not only is Senator Brewer a decorated, former U.S. Army Colonel and Purple Heart recipient, he is Nebraska’s first Native American legislator. On the floor, Senator Brewer shared how in native language there is no word for abortion. He talked about facing enemy fire multiple times in the course of his military duties, including during his six tours in Afghanistan. Even though the militant terrorists that shot him intended to kill, every life he took during combat still haunts him today. The notion of taking an innocent child’s life is inconceivable. Watch Senator Brewer’s gripping remarks below.
Marilyn Newland

Marilyn Newland

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