The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services just published an annual report that reveals abortions in Nebraska significantly decreased immediately following the passage of LB 574’s Preborn Child Protection Act last session!

The data also revealed that without LB 574, Nebraska was at risk of becoming a “destination state” for abortion. For thirteen years prior to 2023, the Nebraska Legislature was in a deadlock, and abortions were permitted late into the second trimester. As neighboring states strengthened their pro-life laws, abortions in our state began to increase.

That all changed following a historic, hard-fought vote, which finally established greater pro-life protections. Nebraska’s new pro-life statute protects preborn babies at 12 weeks, and because of an emergency clause in the bill, it went into effect immediately. In 2023, abortions in Nebraska dropped from the previous three years, and more than 220 innocent lives were saved! 

We celebrate this victory that gave hundreds of precious baby boys and girls life. At this very moment, however, the abortion industry is threatening to reverse our state’s new 12-week protection. They’re putting everything they have into a ballot initiative called “Protect Our Rights,” which would eradicate all of Nebraska’s pro-life protections, including our state’s prohibition on dismemberment abortions, webcam abortions, and pain-capable abortions.

That’s why pro-life leaders launched a counter pro-life petition called “Protect Women & Children,” which would establish basic constitutional protections for preborn children and allow for greater protections going forward. We’re at the final deadline, and all the signatures must be submitted to the Nebraska Secretary of State on July 3rd. Please contact us right away if you still have petition sheets with signatures to return.

Nebraska Family Alliance will keep you updated and informed throughout the verification and ballot initiative process. Together for life, we will see Nebraska become a state where every life is cherished and protected, and abortion is unthinkable.

You can help support our efforts by making a financial contribution and committing to pray. For the next three days, your gift will be doubled with a $80,000 match! Nebraska is a pro-life state, and we won’t stop advocating for the vulnerable, educating voters, and influencing policy to protect life. Multiply your impact with a matched gift today.

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