Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.  People profit from exploiting others through force, fraud, coercion or deception. And it happens everywhere, even Nebraska.

One victim is too many, but according to the Human Trafficking Initiative study, 900 individuals are offered for sex each month in Nebraska.

Nebraska Family Alliance combats human trafficking in three ways:

1) Educating the public so more people report suspicious behavior hopefully aiding a victim’s escape
2) Praying for the victims, buyers, and sellers
3) Advocating for legislation to protect and empower victims


Be vigilant and know the signs. You could be the one who opens the door to freedom for a victim!

What To Look For and What to Ask

Three key signs of trafficking are physical abuse, mental abuse, and lack of control.

Physical Abuse

  • Are there obvious signs of physical abuse?
  • Do they lack healthcare or appear malnourished?
  • Do they have unusual markings or tattoos of numbers or barcodes?
  • Do they have poor living conditions or multiple people in a cramped space?

Poor Mental Health

  • Do they appear unusually fearful or anxious?
  • Do they avoid eye contact?
  • Do they act fearful or nervous when bringing up law enforcement?
  • Can they speak to you alone?

Lack of Control

  • Does someone else control or have access over their I.D., passport, or finances?
  • Do they have their own mode of transportation and residence, cell phone, or are they reliant on someone else for these?
  • Are they in debt to their employer?

Visit the U.S. State Department website and Polaris for more information on the signs of human trafficking.

Visit Rejuvenating Women for more information on a safe place to heal for trafficked women.

Visit Nebraska Trucker magazine to learn more about how truckers are helping end trafficking.

If you think you have come in contact with a victim of human trafficking or to report suspected human trafficking, call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888. Or text HELP to: BeFree (233733).


Come join us at Cry out in the Night as we unite in prayer to expose the darkness of human trafficking while declaring God’s beautiful plan for redemption.


A third way you can become involved is to advocate for laws which increase awareness, protection, and care for victims.

This is when Nebraska Family Alliance’s involvement becomes visible at the Capitol.  We emphasize bills to lawmakers, provide testimony, and help citizens’ voices be heard.

State lawmakers in Nebraska have already responded by passing legislation to combat trafficking and aid survivors.

In 2017, state senators passed LB289 into law, which significantly increased penalties for human trafficking – for both traffickers and buyers. Senators also passed a bill aimed at improving practical protections for victims of human trafficking by providing them address confidentiality.

These advancements help empower law enforcement, deter traffickers, and better protect survivors.

Watch Karen Bowling’s testimony before the Nebraska Judiciary Committee advocating on behalf of Debbie, a trafficked victim that she met ten years ago.

Earlier this year, state senators unanimously passed a bill that provides a procedure for victims of sex trafficking to have convictions set aside and sealed if they occurred while the individual was being trafficked.

Too often, women who are victims end up with charges of prostitution or drug possession on their record – making it difficult for them to begin a new life.

We desire for the Nebraska Attorney General’s “Demand an End Campaign” to become a reality. Help us accomplish this through policy victories, prayer, increased awareness, and changed hearts.

Until that day, join us in compelling our state to be a leader in ending modern day slavery.

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