Last month the Trump Administration announced the Protect Life Rule to stop Title X taxpayer subsidies of organizations that perform or refer for abortions.

Now, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is conducting a public comment period before the rule can go into effect and start saving babies’ lives.

This year, NFA worked tirelessly to support Governor Ricketts’ budget to ensure that no Title X grants go to abortion providers in our state. Nebraskans, you and I now have a chance to do the same at the federal level.

It’s so important we turn up the VOLUME so President Trump hears loud and clear, that Americans support the Protect Life Rule.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Submit your official comment by July 31st. Tell DHHS that abortion is not healthcare and taxpayers should no longer be forced to subsidize the abortion industry!

This rule will not eliminate family planning services. Federally Qualified Health Clinics and rural health clinics outnumber Abortion Clinics 20 to 1 and are eligible for Title X funds if they do not perform or refer for abortion.

In 2017, there were 1,958 abortions performed in Nebraska.   Just one minute of your time will save babies! I submitted my comments and I promise you, it’s quick and easy.

The abortion lobby is desperately trying to stop President Trump’s Protect Life rule by flooding DHHS with negative comments. That’s why your voice is so important.

President Trump took the first step by issuing the regulation. Now it’s up to us to submit comments to get the Protect Life rule to the finish line.

After you’ve submitted your comment, will you please forward my email to 5 friends and ask them to do the same in support of the Protect Life rule?  Every comment makes a difference!


  • Go to
  • Search code number: HHS-OS-2018-0008-0001
  • Select “Compliance with Statutory Program Integrity Requirements”
  • Click “Comment Now”

Please let us know if you are having trouble loading the form at:

Karen Bowling

Karen Bowling

Executive Director
When Karen isn't fulfilling her duties as the Executive Director of NFA, leading a women's Bible study, or coordinating a prayer meeting, she's usually with her four grand children that keep her busy, laughing, and young at heart.