Capitol Connection Episode 139

The 2020 Nebraska Legislative Session Begins Wednesday. Here’s What You Need to Know – And Why it Matters.

The Nebraska Legislature is set to convene on Wednesday, January 8th.

49 state senators will descend on our state capitol to begin introducing bills, holding committee hearings, debating legislation, and voting on which bills to pass into law.

The laws our legislature passes will defend lives or end lives, protect freedoms or undermine them, – and so much more. Here’s what you need to know about the 2020 legislative session:

– This year’s legislative session is the second year in a two-year cycle, meaning bills will carry-over from last year and senators will have a shorter, 60 working day-session scheduled to conclude on April 23rd.

– Senators will have the first 10 days of the session to introduce new legislation, at which point each bill will be assigned to a committee, which is comprised of 6-9 senators, and then a committee hearing is scheduled.

– Each senator also gets to designate one bill as their priority bill, which prioritizes the bill for being scheduled for debate and is moved to the top of the legislative agenda if it is advanced from committee to the full legislature.

The #1 issue for many senators is property tax-relief, and that subject will dominate much of this year’s session.

– There will also be a big opportunity to create school choice in Nebraska, if senators return to LB670, a carry over bill from last year that establishes a scholarship tax-credit to help low income families afford to send their child to the school that’s best for them.

– Another issue of great importance is the sanctity and protection of human life. Last year the legislature passed LB209, the abortion pill reversal information act, and you can expect to see new pro-life legislation introduced in 2020 to protect innocent human life.

– Last year also saw a high a number of bills introduced that threatened religious freedom and parental rights. This a key area to keep a close eye on in 2020, and you can easily keep track of the most important legislation that NFA is monitoring on our bill tracker page.

NFA is committed to ensuring Nebraska is a state where your values are protected and to connecting you with opportunities to advocate, learn, and take action.

Listen to this week’s Capitol Connection Podcast to learn more about what you can expect during this year’s legislative session, why it matters, and how people of faith can play a key role in influencing the laws that shape our state.

Nate Grasz

Nate Grasz

Policy Director
Nate is the Policy Director of Nebraska Family Alliance and host of Capitol Connection, a weekly radio show on KCRO Christian Radio and available on iTunes.