Ratio Christi with Ben Blowers

This week, I enjoyed a conversation about answering college students’ difficult faith questions. Ratio Christi is Latin for “Reason for Christ.”  Assistant Director of UNL’s Ratio Christi Outreach, Ben Blowers, explains how the group offers Christian apologetics training for UNL students, so they can boldly stand for their faith as well as reach others with the truth of the Gospel.

“Ratio Christi at UNL is the best place to ask the most difficult questions about Christianity and engage with the answers. We encourage thoughtful discussion, seek to encourage others to evaluate the claims of Christianity, and help students live with a confident faith that comes from loving God with all their hearts and minds.”

Ratio Christi Weekly Meeting
Semester topic: Who Is Jesus: Was he real? What did he say? What is the evidence?
Location: 1201 O Street
Time: 7:30 pm
Date: Every Wednesday beginning Aug. 28
Contact for questions: Benjamin Blowers: benjaminblowers@ratiochristi.org; www.facebook.com/bblowers22
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Karen Bowling

Karen Bowling

Executive Director
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