Compromised Privacy Rights

In an unprecedented power grab, the Obama Administration is threatening to withhold federal education funding if public schools do not conform to an extreme political agenda that opens all bathrooms and locker rooms to any student without regard to biological sex.

Unlawfully Rewriting Laws

The Obama Administration is unlawfully rewriting law. When Congress passed Title IX of the Education Amendments 44 years ago, no one thought that “sex” meant “gender identity.” It didn’t mean it then, and it doesn’t mean it now.

President Obama’s mandate is unnecessary. There are common sense accommodations that can be made instead of reverting to this dangerous approach. And this is a dangerous approach.

Unintended Victims

Who are the unintended victims of open bathroom policies? These brave sexual abuse survivors share their stories.

We must call on our elected officials and public school administrators to stand against President Obama and the Federal Government’s overreach into local public schools. Please call your local school’s Superintendent, your State Senator and Congressional Representative to ensure children’s safety and privacy remains a priority.

Karen Bowling

Karen Bowling

Executive Director
When Karen isn't fulfilling her duties as the Executive Director of NFA, leading a women's Bible study, or coordinating a prayer meeting, she's usually with her five grandchildren that keep her busy, laughing, and young at heart.