Even though the COVID-19 health crisis has temporarily closed many businesses, it won’t deter Mother’s Day celebrations on Sunday! Motherhood is one of the most challenging vocations women are called to, and Moms deserve special recognition and appreciation. 

A mother’s abundant kindness, patience, and love amaze us. She gives a guiding hand to her toddler learning how to walk, wipes away tears when a preteen falls off their new bike, and lends a listening ear to her young adult son or daughter living on their own for the first time. 

Moms are our counselors, teachers, healers, negotiators, and so much more. 

This spring, moms have had to face new challenges during the coronavirus outbreak. The many “hats” a mom wears increased when our nation abruptly went on lockdown. 

Moms with school-aged children adjusted to school closings and became home educators overnight. Single, working moms scrambled to partner with other families to provide childcare when restrictions were imposed on daycare facilities. 

When many special events like prom and graduation ceremonies were canceled, moms provided encouragement to their seniors. Some creative moms organized drive-by birthday parades for their children. They improvised when their teenager turned sixteen and had to delay obtaining a driver’s license.

Despite all the challenges of motherhood, moms provide a nurturing heart that keeps families strong and bonded together. Mothers are an essential part of the fundamental unit God designed for healthy, stable families. 

Maybe you’re a mother who has a complicated relationship with your adult child. You may be a mom whose own mother has passed away, and her absence is felt more than ever on Mother’s Day. You may be a woman longing to be a mother, and that dream has not yet been fulfilled. Regardless of your situation, know that your story is inscribed on the palm of God’s hands. (Isaiah 49:16) You are not forgotten on Mother’s Day. 

Wherever you find yourself on the extraordinary journey of motherhood, the Nebraska Family Alliance team and I wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day! You amaze us. 

“She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she smiles at the future.” Proverbs 31:25

Karen Bowling

Karen Bowling

Executive Director
When Karen isn't fulfilling her duties as the Executive Director of NFA, leading a women's Bible study, or coordinating a prayer meeting, she's usually with her four grand children that keep her busy, laughing, and young at heart.