We knew at the start of this year’s legislative session, it would not be any ordinary year. Roe v. Wade was in the ash heap of history. Nebraska Family Alliance (NFA) had invested a tremendous amount of resources in the midterm elections to inform and mobilize voters. Our team was busy meeting with senators and helping draft some of the boldest proposals I’ve seen during my time at NFA.

We had just enough votes to enact several generational wins. NFA worked closely alongside our pro-life and pro-family champions, offering research and polling data, conducting mock hearings and debates, bringing in experts to testify, organizing press conferences, responding to media inquiries, and mobilizing grassroots support.

The other side tried every intimidation and obstruction tactic. They screamed at their colleagues. They demonstrated in the rotunda and even inside the chamber. They followed us, jeering and mocking. They filibustered nearly every bill brought to the floor. But we weren’t deterred. Our team showed up to the State Capitol every day, advocating for Biblical values on behalf of your family! We submitted testimony on over 30 bills, and by the end of session, every bill opposed by NFA was defeated.

The best news is we shifted our state’s culture and became one step closer to making Nebraska a place where every life is cherished and protected and where every child can flourish and thrive.

After years of state-sanctioned abortions late into the second trimester, we finally changed state statute to protect preborn babies at 12 weeks gestation. Boys and girls struggling to embrace their biological sex will now be protected from harmful “gender-altering” surgeries. Nebraska also became the 49th state to enact school choice by creating a tax credit for private donations to non-profits that award scholarships to low-income students.

All of this happened because of your fervent prayers, unrelenting advocacy, and faithful financial support, and we want to celebrate with you! Join us for the 2023 Life & Liberty Gala with special guest Dr. Ben Carson on September 7th at the CHI Health Center in Omaha.

Even though this year’s session is over, we are still fighting to preserve these victories. A legal challenge to the Let Them Grow Act and Preborn Child Protection Act is pending in court, and the state teachers union is funding a statewide referendum campaign to repeal the Opportunity Scholarships Act. I encourage you to decline to sign the petition if you are approached by a circulator this summer and visit our resource page for information, resources, and volunteer opportunities to help oppose the repeal effort.

This will be a busy season as we work to counter the massive misinformation campaign already underway and prepare for the next legislative cycle. Click here to contribute directly to our advocacy work and prayer ministry. With your continued support and generosity, we will continue to speak truth into the media and public square and keep you updated on every development. Together, we will safeguard our rights and most cherished freedoms for future generations.


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Karen Bowling

Karen Bowling

Executive Director
When Karen isn't fulfilling her duties as the Executive Director of NFA, leading a women's Bible study, or coordinating a prayer meeting, she's usually with her five grandchildren that keep her busy, laughing, and young at heart.