In my 17 years with Nebraska Family Alliance, never have we had a day quite like yesterday. Over the course of 8 hours, state senators debated and advanced three NFA supported bills. What an exciting day!

First, they advanced the state budget bill, LB 944, to final reading with a provision to end Title X taxpayer subsidies of the abortion industry.

This is good news for pro-life Nebraskans. In 2015 and 2016, state audit reports revealed misuse in how abortion clinics used Title X funds that could jeopardize the whole program.

This language is a reasonable adjustment to Nebraska law that protects the valuable services of Title X by completely separating them from the abortion industry. Greater separation provides more accountability and transparency.

Next, they advanced LB 1132, an anti-trafficking bill aimed at helping victims. It provides a procedure for victims of sex trafficking to have criminal convictions set aside and sealed if they occurred while the individual was being trafficked.

As we’ve worked on this issue over the last eight years, I have met victims of sex-trafficking who struggled to find hope, healing, and acceptance in society because of convictions related to prostitution. One such woman who comes to mind is Debbie. If this had been available ten years ago, it could have made a difference in her life. I believe this change will help many victims of sex-trafficking in the future.

Late in the evening, state senators debated and advanced LB 1040. This bill will create a commemorative certificate for families who experience a miscarriage. If this bill is adopted and signed into law, it will be the second of its kind in the nation.

Many strategy meetings, hundreds of hours lobbying, late nights researching – not to mention the several thousand phone calls and emails senators received from constituents like you – went into today’s victories, but it all came down to the wire.

At about 2 PM yesterday our team had a quick meeting in the Rotunda of the Capitol to discuss messaging and there was a possibility that each of these measures could go up in smoke before the Legislature adjourned for the day.

But by God’s grace, two pro-life bills and an anti-trafficking bill advanced.

Thank you for your support – both your prayers and your financial gifts. Every donation helps us to advance Family, Freedom, and Life at the State Capitol and have more days like yesterday.

Please consider a generous donation today. The legislative session is not over yet, and each of these bills will be debated again, and our work isn’t done yet. Donate safely and securely online here.

We pray you and your family have a joyous Easter as you celebrate the Resurrection and God’s great Love.

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